Campsite Leases in Idaho

Starting in 2019, PotlatchDeltic will begin offering exclusive campsite leases in selected areas of North Idaho. The three areas selected for the initial rollout are Gold Center Creek, east of Clarkia, The Dredges on the Palouse River, and Scofield/Washington Creeks, east of Headquarters. Details on the program are still being finalized, but the current plans include:

  • Camping within the three initial areas will only be allowed on the leased sites. Dispersed camping with a PotlatchDeltic permit will still be allowed outside the selected areas.
  • Each campsite is exclusively leased to the leaseholder, so there will be no need to secure the site as soon as access allows each spring.
  • Based on the size of each campsite, a maximum number of RVs at each site will be specified.
  • Multi-RV campsites can be shared with friends and family, however no subleasing of the campsites to third parties will be allowed.
  • Interested parties will be allowed to bid on the campsites in the late fall of 2018 or early spring of 2019.
  • Information about the program will be updated on the web site: You will soon be able to receive email notifications when more information becomes available.
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