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Temporary Closure of Public Access in Idaho

Yes. Recreation Permits are required for all recreational users including PotlatchDeltic employees, retirees and shareholders.
Yes. Access cards are issued to contractors and their employees, allowing access to and from their job sites on PotlatchDeltic property. If a contractor or their employees intend to use the land for recreational pursuits, they need to purchase a recreation permit.
Small ORV permits are valid from January 1st through December 31st each year. Camping permits are valid from April 10th through December 10th.

Common Questions
Possibly. Prices are reviewed annually and any changes are reflected on this site as soon as they are effective.
No. Our Customer Service Officers do not sell permits in the field.
No. There are some areas that have seasonal closures or access restrictions for industrial or operational reasons. Road gates and barriers are marked to display acceptable traffic beyond the gate. High fire danger may also create restrictions for public safety reasons. You will find further information regarding these restrictions in the Recreation Permit and General Policies and Regulations
Yes. There are about 53,000 acres of company land near St. Maries and the St. Joe River that are protected under a permanent Conservation Easement. Recreation permits will not be required to use these lands. The public is required to follow the PotlatchDeltic General Policies & Regulations and to respect our property. Willful or repeat violators of our guidelines will not be able to use our lands, including land within the Conservation Easement boundary.
Yes. If you are using a small ORV to access the property, or camping, you must have a Recreation Permit.
You will be told about the program and asked if you intend to continue recreating on PotlatchDeltic property. If your intention is to continue recreating, you will need to purchase your Recreation Permits through this web site immediately. If you were unaware that you were on PotlatchDeltic property and do not intend to recreate on PotlatchDeltic property, you will be asked to voluntarily leave the property.
A hotline number, 208-446-3000, is available for you to report such incidents to Axxess Recreation LLC.
Axxess Recreation LLC is the service contractor providing patrols and compliance checking for our public access program. Axxess Recreation’s customer service officers are local residents and have specific areas they are responsible for covering. QSI always appreciates visitor assistance and encourages the reporting of abusive recreational use (mud-bogging, vehicles behind gates, etc.) as well as illegal activities (timber theft, trash dumping, vandalism, etc.).
Yes. Campsite leases will be offered in selected areas beginning in 2019. Please check this link for more information: Campsite Leases
Yes. In most areas you can camp within the constraints of our Recreation Permit and General Policies Regulations. Beginning in 2019, dispersed camping will not be allowed in the campsite lease zones. Please be aware that some property may be closed to public access due to on-going management activities.
No. Recreational Permit purchases are non-refundable and non-transferable. No Exception.

Getting Started
PotlatchDeltic lands continue to be available for public use. Permittees are required to obtain the appropriate recreation permits for their activity. Permittees are required to adhere to the Recreation Permit Agreement, General Policies and Regulations.
Yes. Permittees who recreate on our property need to purchase Recreation Permits for vehicle or off-road vehicle (ORV) use and camping. Permit costs vary based upon the vehicle types and activities. ORVs include, ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles and snowmobiles.
You need to supply basic identification information (names, address, phone, email, etc.) as well as vehicle license numbers for each vehicle you are registering.
You can use a credit card and make your purchase through this website. Recreation Permits are not sold at PotlatchDeltic offices or from our Customer Service Officers.
No. Once you pay for the permits and print the placards/wallet cards, you can recreate on PotlatchDeltic property.
Yes. You will be able to access your account information and related permit documents in your online account.
An online map showing PotlatchDeltic property is available on this website. Please remember, it is your responsibility to know where you are and the property you are using.
A new website with online maps is now available. The $11 permit for non-motorized or family member access has been dropped. Exclusive campsite leases in select areas will be offered in 2019: Click Here for Campsite Leases

Customer Support

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